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When you pick up one of DJ ACE’s releases, the first thing you’ll notice won’t be the sexy model on the cover—that’s because he doesn’t use images to promote his music. Just like the man, ACE’s work stands on its own quality, integrity, and innovation.

An artist of international acclaim and influence, DJ ACE was born of Turkish immigrants in Zurich and raised in Basel, . Fluent in six different languages and tracing a path of hard work and success, he has become one of the most requested DJs in Europe .

He is a DMC Champion several times over, having placed third in 1991 and taken first place for three consecutive competitions from 1996-98. He has played Europe’s best-known venues and been heard throughout , , , and more.

As a producer, ACE started by giving Hip Hop fans a taste of his scratching on ’s top selling “MC Torch” album. He then created the Party Kings series; the B-side of Party Kings’ “Partybreak” EP is still a guide and must-have for club DJs everywhere. In 2004, ACE became the second European DJ, after French DJ LBR, to sign a deal with New York-based label AV8 Records. He has since released two records under the legendary label with his own brand name (King Size), with a third set to release later this year. DJ ACE is the first and only DJ outside of the to collaborate with the well known DJ/Producer Tony Touch on the release “Don’t TOUCH The ACE.” He was also recently contracted by MUVE, the largest major Swiss label, to compile and produce his own LP, which features ’s most recognized Hip Hop artists along with the hottest emerging performers. Released on his own ACE Records and distributed by MUVE, the album entitled “Jetzt Ich” (translated best as “It’s My Turn Now”) debuted in April, 2005 and is still buzzing around and with a video in rotation.

But ACE is more than a DJ and producer—he’s an artist who uses his unique talents to satisfy the desires of his varied audiences. The techniques that shape his one-of-a-kind live sets are the very same you heard on Radio ECN in , where the daily one-hour DJ ACE Show ran for two years with a 28,000 member listenership. Those same techniques that made him the first DJ selected by MSpot ( to submit music for a daily national mixshow in the . His culturally diverse work appears on the “Hörspiel Projekt” with DRS, a Swiss-based classical music radio station. He has also invested countless hours in his hometown’s Basel Theatre, getting involved in numerous dance projects as well as creating the music for theatre productions. In 2002, ACE worked on concerts with the Brass Band Orchestra and Opera at the well-known Swiss Expo.

In between gigs on a busy touring schedule and cutting edge studio work, ACE established the first urban record shop in Basel in 1996, following his success one year later with a second shop in Berne, ’s capital. ACE Records is still one of the only record shops in Europe that represents all elements of Hip Hop and is the sole distributor of Montana spray cans and accessories in . Always a trend-setter, ACE has been credited with helping to open the Swiss market to Hip Hop music, which is now thriving on the efforts of thousands of DJs and producers.

ACE’s recent relocation to New York City perfectly positions him to conquer the American market while expanding his artistic horizons. He is currently working with frequent supporter Red Bull and Eqal, a Swiss-based production company, to create an exciting soundtrack for their annual, international Red Bull BC ONE breakdancing contest and “Red Bull BC ONE 2005” DVD, which is being distributed by Warner Bros. Entertainment in the U.S. He has garnered sponsorships from Ortofon A/S, Rane, Red Bull, Denon, K Swiss, and Carhartt Europe. He is also working with AV8 to produce his King Size releases. In , ACE is continuing to blaze trails with the same style, grace, and determination that earned him his European acclaim. As ACE says, “I want to take the American Dream and make it my reality!”