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9 Inch Music Service

If you are a DJ and looking for high quality dj friendly songs and edit then do not waste your time and visit now! Here you can get tons of great DJ ACE edits. Over 45 newbies in July 2017 uploaded!

DJ ACE Show On Radio ECN

In the years 2001 to 2005 DJ ACE was on air onMulhouse based Radio ECN and had a huge impact to the regional party live. Now, in October 2016, Radio ECN and DJ ACE are very pleased to announce that the collaboration has started again: DJ ACE Show is back on air every Saturday from 22 to 24. Listen live on 98.1 MHZ or just download the Radio ECN App to be part of a rich Urban Music Sound spectrum.  

Makale Remix

Makale, a Turkish Rap Crew from Basel, is coming out with their fourth album in this summer. I was honored doing an official remix of the single "Parentez Icinde". The original song was released as a single back in 2012. Please watch the video clip here: 

Parantez Içinde Video Clip

New Mixtape Available

It`s been a while since the last time DJ Ace released a mixtape. The new agency "straix" made him release the long awaited "straiX to the club"! As you can imagine this mixtape is all about club tunes and contents great hip hop, rnb, trap, twerk and much more. Your but won`t stop shaking to it! You can listen and download the 90 minutes mix clicking the link below - enjoy!

straiX to the club mix

Thanks for sharing.

DJ Ace "Neat Sum Beat"

The follow up to the Get Busy Trappy Remix is another bass booming dance floor heater and goes by the name of "Neat Sum Beat". Just released in October 2015 this heat is ready to be played: 

Sean Paul "Get Busy" Trappy Moonbahton Remix 

Loving the booooom bass sound of this genre DJ Ace decided to remix a dancehall classic and floor filler of Sean Paul. Here is the result: 

Chopshop Vanilla Ice Cream EP

Here is another fresh release from the Chopshop camp: "Vanilla Ice Cream" featuring funk maestro Quincy Jointz and his pas Shaddy who are appearing for the first time on the label, upcoming star Brick Fever and label boss George Kelly and the infamous DMC Champion DJ Ace.

Chopshop Mixtape Vol. 2 

Here is the long awaited second volume of the Chopshop Mixtape series, mixed, remixed, mashed-up with love from the one of the most fresh DJ`s around: DJ Ace! 
Featuring all new, back catalogue, deleted and some of Chopshop`s most favourite cuts throughout the lable`s 6 year presence from the likes of Dave Gerrard, Capitan Futuro, Situation, Rayko, The Reflex, Ilya Santana, Yam Who?, Finger man, Discotech, DJ Moar, label boss George Kelly aka DJ Butcher and others.
Make sure to drop some love, free download!

Coming soon: DJ Ace & Def Cut "Two The Beat Y`All" Album

My longtime homie and super producer Def Cut and me are currently working on a break beats album by the name of "Two The Beat Y`All". 
All the low frequency loving people can expect a sophisticated 13 track album...
Will keep you updated! 

"Viva La Raza" Out On Chopshop Records

Viva La Raza is DJ Ace`s second release on a Chopshop EP, and guess what - it`s
already golden status again on Juno!, it`s just chopping!!!

Buy online here:

"Soul Shadow" Out On Chopshop Records

Everybody likes the sunshine...but in this case you`ll make an exeption by even loving
shadow, Ace`s shadow: "Soul Shadow" is DJ Ace`s latest production which was released
on August 12th on Chopshop Records.
Chopshop might be a very small label but is so rich on great releases, it`s just chopping!!!

Get the latest EP release "Slo Grind" and make my day!
Buy online here:

DJ Ace - Arsal The B-Boy Official Clip Out!

Every B-Girl and B-Boy around the world knows about the legendary "Battle Of The Year"
where world`s best B-Boy Crew come among to battle for the title. Alongside the huge
event there is the soundtrack to it. DJ Ace took part in the latest compilation which was
released end of November 2012 in Germany. After enormous feedback we decided to
produce a video clip to the marvelous music of DJ Ace. Finally here it is the official DJ Ace
clip release.
This song produced by DJ Ace was used for the official Battle Of The Year 2012 CD Sampler.
Featured B-Boys in the clip are Jay-Roc, Still-Ill, Ben-X, TK-O, Janick and Pedrolic of Basel
City`s own Ruff`N`X Crew. Video directed and edited by Jake of PW Records. All shots were
made in Starsal 74 Studios and Optima Sport Club owned by Gökmen and Cem, Basel,

Buy song at following online stores (Click preferred store):



Thank you all for your support!

Agenda / Dates

 March 2016      
 27.03.2016  Red Bull BC1 Turkey   @ Babylon  Istanbul, Turkey 
 26.03.2016  Red Bull BC1 Turkey    Istanbul, Turkey
 20.03.2016  Grafik 16    Zürich
 19.03.2016   Grafik 16    Zürich
 18.03.2016  Grafik 16    Zürich 
 17.03.2016  TBA  TBA  TBA
 February 2016      
 25.02.2016  Studentenparty  @ Elephant Club  St. Gallen
 December 2015      
 20.02.2010  Going Back  @ Parterre  Basel
 17.12.2015  Studentenparty  @ Elephant Club  St. Gallen
 August 2015      
 08.08.2015  TBA  @ Plaza Club  Zürich
 Juni 2015      
 13.06.2015  Breakthrough @ Exil  Zürich
 Mai 2015      
 13.05.2015  TBA @ Casineum  Luzern 
 April 2015      
 25.04.2015  We Are Hip Hop @ Velvet  Basel 
 März 2015      
 21.03.2015  4 Years "Miau" @ Casineum  Luzern 
 Januar 2015      
 24.01.2015  Boom Bap Original Rap @ Kaschemme  Basel
 17.01.2015  House Of Dizko! @ Plaza Club  Zurich
 10.01.2015  TBA @ Brennerei Club  Mels
 09.01.2015  25 Up @ Kuppel  Basel
 22.11.2014  Jumpoff @ Kuppel  Basel 
 27.09.2014  House Of Dizko! @ Plaza Club  Zurich
 20.09.2014  Nothing But Flavor / B-Boy Battle @ Volkhaus  Basel
 06.09.2014  Balzen mit Ace @ Balz   Basel
 02.08.2014  Balzen mit Ace  @ Balz  Basel
 19.07.2014  House Of Dizko!  @ Plaza Club  Zurich
 05.07.2014  Balzen mit Ace  @ Balz   Basel
 31.05.2014  House Of Dizko!  @ Plaza Club  Zurich
 23.05.2014  ACE Age  @ SUD   Basel
 17.05.2014  I Love You But I Have Chosen Disco  @ Velvet  Basel
 26.04.2014  ACE Age: Big Daddy Kane Concert  @ SUD   Basel
 29.03.2014  House Of Dizko!  @ Plaza Club  Zurich 
 21.03.2014  Funtastik!  @ SUD   Basel
 21.02.2014  Funtastik!  @ SUD  Basel
 15.02.2014  Throwbacks  @ Cava   Chur
 25.01.2014  House Of Dizko!  @ Plaza Club  Zurich
 24.01.2014  Funtastik!  @ SUD  Basel
 28.12.2014  Option  TBA  TBA
 20.12.2013  FUNtastik!  @ SUD  Basel
 14.12.2013  Throwbacks  @ Cava   Chur
 07.12.2013  Fame Club
 @ Fame
 06.12.2013  House Of Dizko!  @ Plaza Club  Zurich
 22.11.2013  FUNtastik!  @ SUD  Basel
 15.11.2013  Starmania  @ Cava  Chur
 02.11.2013  Fame Club  @ Fame  Basel
 01.11.2013  House Of Dizko!  @ Plaza Club  Zurich
 18.10.2013  Cava  @ Cava  Chur
 05.10.2013  Fame Club  @ Fame  Basel
 07.09.2013  Encore  @ Loft  Luzern
 31.08.2013  Jump Off  @ Kuppel  Basel
 24.08.2013  Fame Club  @ Fame  Basel
 17.08.2013  House Of Dizko!  @ Plaza Club  Zurich
 29.06.2013  House Of Dizko!  @ Plaza Club  Zurich
 22.06.2013  Fame Club  @ Fame  Basel
 08.06.2013  LeVog  @ LeVog Club  Strassbourg, France
 25.05.2013  House Of Dizko!  @ Plaza Club  Zurich
 17.05.2013  TBA    
 11.05.2013  TBA    Zurich
 27.04.2013  House Of Dizko!  @ Plaza Club  Zurich
 06.04.2013  Onepiece Event
 @ Schleifferei
 30.03.2013  House Of Dizko!  @ Plaza Club  Zurich
 16.03.2013  Turkish Scholar Benefit
 09.03.2013  Legends Never Die
 @ Trischli
 St. Gallen
 26.01.2013  House Of Dizko!  @ Plaza Club  Zurich
 31.12.2012  Silvesterparty 2012/2013
 @ Plaza Club  Zurich
 29.12.2012  House Of Dizko!  @ Plaza Club  Zurich
 07.12.2012  Gotha Blaster  @ Gotha  Mulhouse (France)
 17.11.2012  House Of Dizko!  @ Plaza Club  Zurich
 03.11.2012  Glamour (Hip Hop, RnB)  @ Bar Rouge  Basel
 19.10.2012  House Of Dizko!  @ Plaza Club  Zurich
 Gotha Blaster
 @ Gotha
 Mulhouse (France)
 22.09.2012  House Of Dizko!  @ Plaza Club  Zurich
 21.09.2012  105 DJ Night   @ Xtra
 07.09.2012  Gotha Blaster   @ Gotha  Mulhouse (France)
 01.09.2012  Glamour (Hip Hop, RnB)  @ Bar Rouge  Basel

Star-14 Release On Starsal 74 

Let`s take it back to the old school and pump it up some!
Switzerland based DJ/producer Ace has been mixing, cutting and scratching since 1986.
Herehe makes his first appearance on re-edit imprint Starsal 74 with athree track of
floor-frienldy and dj-friendly reworks of soulfully andfunkasized songs as "Hustler", "Strategy"
and "My Lady". All threeedits are making busting loose the dancefloor for sure. Ace made it
(again) even in this genre which is "Nu" to the legendary DJ/Prdocuer.This is simply enhanced
music for sophisticated people.

Buy on Itunes (Click below):

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DJ Ace "Basel - 100 MC`s Scratch Part

In 2012 "The Black Tiger" who is known to be the first rapper in Swiss German,
came up with the idea to start the project "100 MC`s". He made it possible to
collect legends and rookies for this one project which represents Basel City`s
Hip Hop community.

This clip is DJ Ace`s short scratch part in the project! Click image below or use
following link: